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"I look at our primary business as education, not inspection; through our inspection process, we educate our clients with information critical to making informed property buying decisions"    

W. Ramsey, Owner     


Preferred Partners

All preferred partners are organized in alphabetical order. The order in no way is an indication of the quality of the company or person. Please review all of the available information and have a conversation with them prior to making a decision.

Preferred Partners - Contractors


Air Conditioning

Comfort Service
Contact: Blaine Aldrich
Phone: 386-736-1426 Website

Air Force One

Jacobs Heating and Air

Gater Air Inc.
Contact: Gary or Jacob
Phone: 386-738-1330





H&R Unlimited, Inc.
Contact:   Harper
Phone:      386-279-0123 Join them on Facebook

Photographers / Videographers


Edson Pacheco - cine-photography
Contact: Edson
Phone: 386-738-1961 Website




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